Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whistling Gophers

My husband just got back from the coffee shop - our local source of important information. He must have been talking about new cars again. A buddy told him to watch out for the "whistling gophers". Now that term may not be new to you - but it sure was to us.

It goes like this: you are at the car dealership and you ask, "How much does it go for?" Then you whistle!

That started me thinking about how many whistling gophers there have been at our house in this past year.

“How much does that new roof go for?” Whistle.

“How much for the new transmission for the Volkswagen?” Whistle.

You get the idea - you have your own list of whistling gophers.

So what can we do about whistling gophers? Not much.

They seem to come in three categories though - maybe it helps to define them. Some are on a “got-to-have” list. Others are just on a “want-to-have” list. The tricky list is the “can-be-put-off” list. Those are the ones that usually surprise you when you least expect it. At our house we tend to gravitate toward the “got-to-have” list. That seems to keep life relatively easier to handle financially.

The “want-to-have” list is usually full of things that I can loose the intense desire for, if I stop thinking about it. The trick is to really stop thinking about it! The old Quakers had it right. “Tell me what thee thinks thee needs, and I will tell thee how to live without it”. Sounds like sage advice to me, and I’m sure my husband would approve of this new line if reasoning.

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