Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Christmas Message

His humble beginnings belied the greatness of who He was, and His birth, attended by only a chosen few, was the fulfillment of a promise made centuries before.

There is no photo of Him to accompany this biography. There was never one taken - nor a likeness ever made.

He never commanded an army, was never a head of state. He left behind no great works of art nor personal writings to imprint Himself in history - though the greatest Book ever written was His story, and creation itself His handiwork.

When He was born the nation of Israel was under the rule of Rome and it's emperor, Octavian, better known as Cesar Augustus. Israel was awaiting its promised deliverer.

He grew to manhood and began an itinerant lifestyle. People were drawn to Him, listening to His teachings about the promised kingdom of heaven and it's coming king. He told Israel that this kingdom was at hand. The leaders of the nation scoffed at Him. No one crowned Him king.

Only twelve men belonged to His intimate circle of friends, and even one of those proved disloyal. Children adored Him and were attracted to His loving and joyful nature. The sick and infirmed were not only loved by this Man, but also healed and restored to useful lives.

His life fulfilled over a thousand recorded prophecies that had been given to Israel, not the least of which was that He was the promised Messiah that they were awaiting.

This is the season that we celebrate the birth of this One who was born to give His life as payment for the sins of the whole world. We cannot fully understand that kind of love, we are asked only to believe.

Over two thousand years after His death and resurrection we are still awaiting His return, for that He also promised, and He will surely keep His Word. He proved that when He first walked this earth.

His birth, and His resurrection, was announced by angels, as will be His return:

“For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord...”

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