Monday, November 19, 2007

My Songbird

There is something heart-warming about having a husband who sings and whistles in the shower. It seems to bless the morning household with a feeling of contentment - an “all-is-well-with-my-world” mentality that is contagious.

My particular “Caruso” has a gifted range from the afore mentioned crooner to the Beatles. Some mornings it is just one song sung with a variety of vocal expressions and other mornings he is a songbird trying a repertoire of songs produced by various artists. I have yet to determine if the difference portends the outcome of the day as a whole, a sort of overshadowing of what is to come. Could it be that the choice of one song, with the exclusion of all others, is the forerunner to a day of determined accomplishment, focused on a singular project that needs to gain ground before night falls again? And could the morning shower that offers a large range of songs be prophetic of a day with a myriad of details relating to numerous projects that all need attention?

Interspaced between songs there is sometimes a moment or two of mumbled verbiage that is unintelligible to this makeup applying spouse at the bathroom mirror. This appears to be the private working out of some issue with another person. Within a few moments the songs start again and it is obvious that he has settled the matter to his satisfaction. Another contentment producer for the lady of the house. Her man is in charge again and in control of his world.

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